Comin’ Round the Circle

Alone in his bedroom, an old, gray-headed man
struggles for breath
But soon he will be dancin’ to a fiddle
in a thing that we call death
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Forever Loving You

Morning, you open sleepy blue eyes
Pouring rain
pounding the roof
We kiss
I want more, much more of this

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You can hear it in a whisper
You can see it in the eyes of one who knows
You can feel it in the morning
like a river, winding, gentle as it flows

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You’re Goin’ Down (Witch)

Behind my back
and with your hair dyed black
you drilled a hole in me
And out poured misery
You smelled like lies
had evil in your eyes
and when you took my man
I knew I’d take a stand
because he’s just too good and true
This one’s for you – boom
You’re goin’ down (witch)

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All the Pretty Angels

I see You there, acting like You always do; my eyes are closing
Then I’m somewhere, following the light and You, the door unbolting
Is this a delusion? Where is everyone?
Is this an illusion? Why have we come?
All the pretty angels

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15 Mar 16 Songwriter to Watch on NSAI … Third Time!

I'm on the Songwriters to Watch list at the Nashville Songwriters Association for my song, Comin' Round the Circle.  This is my third time on the list since July 2015.  Yea!   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    

12 Jan 2016 #1 On ReverbNation

For the week ending January 12, 2016, I'm #1 on ReverbNation in Belton, South Carolina.  Big Fish, Small Pond. :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    

31 Dec 2015 Last new song of the year

Last new song of 2015 is one I wrote for my mother after my father died.  My mother was almost 77 years old.  This song has become more poignant as years go by because my 98 year old mother has Alzheimer's and has lost most of her memory.  At a recent family gathering, however, she mentioned "Carl," her beloved husband, and though I couldn't tell what she was saying, I knew that in that moment, he was very much real and very much present.  You can hear the song here.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        

23 Dec 2015 Comin’ Round the Circle Video

New video out today!  This is a song about my father who died a little over 21 years ago.  It surely doesn't seem like he's been gone that long.  He's always and forever in my heart.  You can view the video here. Audio and lyrics are here.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    

15 Dec 15 Writer to Watch on NSAI…Again!

  I've once again been added to the writers to watch list at the Nashville Songwriters Association International.  The song that led to this lovely accolade is What Christmas Means.  I'm very proud!   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    

5 Nov 15 Somebody Someday Somewhere

New song out today!  Go here to hear Somebody Someday Somewhere.  This is a country song produced by Ziv Gottlieb in his Nashville studio.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          

31 Oct 15 Bless His Sorry Southern Heart

New song out today! This one was produced by Ziv Gottlieb in his Nashville studio. This song came about as the result of a conversation I had with my daughter. I told her that growing up in the south, I learned that I could say the worst things about people as long as I followed it with "Bless his heart." For example, "That baby is so ugly, bless his heart," and "That girl is as dumb as a stump, bless her heart." :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      

17 Oct 15 Faithfully Falling

I'm very happy to add a new song, Faithfully Falling, to my 2015 catalog of songs.  Ziv Gottlieb sang vocals with me and produced the song in his Nashville studio.  To listen, click on Music above. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------          

7 Oct 15 #1 on Reverb Nation

On Reverb Nation, for the week ending October 6, 2015, I'm #1 in the Singer-Songwriter category in Belton, South Carolina. OK, so Belton is a tiny place, but I'll take it. Woo Hoo! :) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------    

28 Sept 15 New Video!

  A video of Forever Loving You is now available. Check it out here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      

21 Sept 2015 Adding new songs to catalog

I've begun the process of compiling the songs I've completed this year.  Click on the Music tab above to view and listen to two of the songs I've completed.  I hope to add at least eight more by year's end, including a Christmas song! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  

15 July 2015 I’m on the featured songwriter list at the Nashville Songwriters Association

I submitted two songs to the Nashville Songwriters Association International in June, my first two submissions.  The featured songwriter list came out today, and I'm on it.  Woo Hoo! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  

14 July 2015 A songwriter hard at work

I'm working hard to complete thirteen new songs by the end of the year.  That's a pic of my studio (above) where I'm spending a great many hours every day finishing songs and recording demos.  The demos are then uploaded to my producer's dropbox.   He and I then go back and forth with ideas and laying down tracks.  It's a very cool process. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________